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The eHour WAR distribution is intended for deployment into an existing application server.

The way of deployment changed with version 1.4.2. These instructions only apply to version 1.4.2, for older version please use these steps.

1. Install Java

The Java runtime environment is not bundled with eHour. If Java is not installed, download and install the latest JRE from Oracle's site. Java 7 or higher is required.

2. Download eHour

If you haven't done so already, download the WAR distribution of eHour from

Extract it and remember the path, the location where you unpacked the zip file is the eHour home directory

2. Apache Tomcat installation

Apache Tomcat is the container server which hosts the application. If you don't have Apache Tomcat installed, download it from and follow their instructions. Apache Tomcat 7 is the minium required version.

3. Configure Apache Tomcat

Set the location of your eHour Home directory by creating an environment variable EHOUR_HOME with the absolute path of the eHour directory.


Locate the bin directory of your Tomcat install. It contains the catalina.bat and other scripts which startup Tomcat. In this directory create a file setenv.bat or edit it when it already exists.

Assuming that your eHour Home directory is at c:\ehour, add to the contents of this file the line

	set EHOUR_HOME="c:\ehour"

Of course change the path to where your EHOUR_HOME dir is actually located


Locate the bin directory in your Tomcat's install directory. Among other files it contains and In this directory create or edit the file Make sure that it's executable with 

	chmod +x


Add the following line to Change /opt/ehour to point to the eHour Home directory:

	export EHOUR_HOME="/opt/ehour"

4. Configure database

4a. Create initial datamodel

(warning) Skip this step when you're performing an upgrade.


Follow the MySQL installation guide (LinuxSetup MySQL on Windows) to install and setup your database.


Follow the PostgreSQL install guide to install and setup your database.

4b. Configure eHour to connect to the database

Configure to which database eHour connects by changing the The instructions are different per database, follow these steps.

4c. Add database drivers to Tomcat


Download the Connector driver from Choose the platform indepent option to download the tarred or zipped driver. Copy the mysql-connector-java-8.xx.jar to Tomcat's lib directory.


Download the JDBC driver from Copy the downloaded jar file to Tomcat's lib directory.

5. Install eHour in Tomcat

Copy the WAR file from eHour's app directory to Tomcat's webapp directory. That's it.

The filename of WAR file dictates the URL. When the WAR file that you copy to Tomcat's webapp directory is named "ehour-1.4.2.war", the URL where eHour is available will be http://localhost:8080/ehour-1.4.2/. When you want the URL to be http://localhost:8080/ehour, make sure to rename the WAR to ehour.war.

6. Start Apache Tomcat

Make sure you have started your database first.

Start Tomcat by running in the bin directory of the Tomcat installation directory. After a couple of seconds Tomcat and eHour will be initialized and you can access the application at http://localhost:8080/ehour

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