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At the end of the week a reminder can be emailed to users who haven't booked sufficient hours. To enable sending reminders: log in as an admin, go to the system configuration panel and tick enable reminders in the General configuration tab.

When are reminders sent

Reminders are sent once a week. When you set the day and time, also make sure that you properly configured your timezone. Timezone configuration is a few lines above the Email Reminders section.

You can specify the minimum hours that a user must book, users with less hours will receive a reminder. Say that you configured the reminder to be sent at Friday at 17:00 with a minimum hours of 32. That means that between Saturday and the next Friday a minimum of 32 hours should be booked.

There are a few exceptions:

  • a reminder is only sent when a user is assigned to a project(s) for the whole week. When a user is only assigned to a part of the week he will not receive a reminder, even when his hours are under the minimum
  • for each workday that is locked, 8 hours are subtracted from the minimum. When 40 hours is configured as the minimum but Monday and Tuesday in a particular week are locked then 40 - 8 - 8 = 24 hours are the minimum for that week. The 8 hours is configurable as "Work hours per day" in the configuration section above the reminders.
  • locked weekend days (saturday & sunday) do not influence the minimum hours.
  • users without email address do not get a reminder, for obvious reasons (smile)



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