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Create database

The easiest way to create the eHour database is by using the MySQL Workbench. It's a free GUI preventing you from having to drop to a command prompt to install the eHour schema.
Download it from

  1. On the left of the screen is a listing with connections. When your Local MySQL connection is not listed, click the "New Connection" button and fill out the necessary details. Use the password you supplied when installing MySQL.
  2. After the connection is defined, double click to enter the SQL Editor.
  3. In the toolbar there's an icon with "Add schema". Click and name the new schema "ehour", click "apply". In the popup click again apply and then finish.



Install eHour database


  1. In MySQL workbench, go to file -> Open SQL Script. Navigate to sql/mysql/install in the eHour install directory and open the fresh.mysql.sql script
  2. When the script is loaded, highlight the ehour schema in the Navigator under Schemas.
  3. In the main navigation, go to Query and click "Execute (all or selection)"
  4. Click the refresh icon in the ehour schema; new tables should appear. When these tables are created setting up MySQL is done.



The standalone distribution does not contain the fresh.mysql.sql. The file is available at at this location

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