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What is the eHour Home Directory?

The eHour home directory is the folder where eHour stores it's configuration information, log files and translations. If you are using the embedded database, supplied for evaluation purposes, the database files are also stored in this directory.



Finding the eHour Home Directory

To locate the eHour home directory on your filesystem:

eHour standalone: In the folder / directory where eHour is installed is a directory named home. This is the eHour Home directory. Is it not there? Find the exact location in the ehour.vmoptions file, found in the root of the installation folder.

eHour WAR: the eHour home directory is where you unpacked the downloaded WAR distribution, for example /opt/ehour/ehour-1.4.3/



Changing the location of the eHour Home Directory

You can move the home directory but you will need to update your config with the new location.

Standalone: The location of the home directory is stored in ehour.vmoptions in the installation directory. Open this file in a text editor and set the value of EHOUR_HOME to your new home directory.

WAR: Open Tomcat's conf/Catalina/localhost/ehour.xml file and change the EHOUR_HOME parameter.



Content of the eHour Home Directory


This is the main configuration file with database connection and port settings.


eHour's log file with usage and error details.



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