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eHour 1.2.1

2 June 2013: And eHour reaches version 1.2.1 - a bug-fix release fixing the following issues:

  • [EHO-306] Internet Explorer 8's compatibility mode was not properly overriden. In other words, eHour now properly works with IE8 even when IE8 is set to be in IE7 compatible mode.
  • [EHO-322] The full name of a user (first and last name) is shown in the detailed report
  • [EHO-323] In eHour 1.2 changes were made to how the configured currency to use is stored in the database.
    However the default value, when you install eHour for the first time, was not set properly and eHour didn't handle this correctly. The default currency is now set to a US dollar.
  • [EHO-327] The excel export of the detailed report crashed when trying to export a larger data set (more than 200 users).
  • [EHO-328] All the excel exports in the global reporting section returned the "project export" excel.

eHour 1.2

15 May 2013: TE-CON is proud to present eHour 1.2 !

In version 1.2 the underlying web framework (Wicket) has been upgraded from version 1.4.20 to 6.7. This fixes
deployment issues on the latest Tomcat versions and increases browser compatibility.
The export month feature was a bit enhanced, rather than just exporting a month you can now export any date range;
be it a week or multiple months.
The calendar/datepicker now uses the proper date format and a Finnish translation is added, thanks to Janne Viljanen.


  • [EHO-184] - Export weeks
  • [EHO-271] - Improve performance of detailed reports chart
  • [EHO-312] - Add Finnish translation
  • [EHO-316] - Upgrade Highcharts to latest version
  • [EHO-317] - Delete print from month overview
  • [EHO-318] - Add 'check all' option to project selection in export month
  • [EHO-319] - Improve filename of export month excel sheet

Bugs fixed
  • [EHO-270] - Sorting on date in the detailed reports is broken
  • [EHO-279] - eHour WAR doesn´t show "Additional comments" screen (with Tomcat 7+)
  • [EHO-280] - Date format is incorrect with component calendar for French locale
  • [EHO-299] - MySQL fresh install script doesn't work
  • [EHO-302] - Aggregate report graphs round-off errors
  • [EHO-306] - MS IE 8 compatability
  • [EHO-307] - Can't delete customers
  • [EHO-313] - Calendar bug with non english date format ...
  • [EHO-314] - Validation messages in the general configuration are missing
  • [EHO-315] - The country set for localization is not properly used for number formatting
  • [EHO-320] - Long customer / project names are not shown properly in the project overview on the month overview page

eHour 1.1

20 November 2012: TE-CON is proud to present eHour 1.1 !

This update fixes a number of bugs: Backup & restore now properly restores all data in the backup and properly handles deleted users. The timesheet now can handle many projects for a single user. Detailed report charts display fractions (7.5 hours) properly and sums up multiple project bookings on the same day. And eHour is translated into Czech, thanks to Pavel Vitek.

The full release notes:

  • [EHO-277] - Add Project Code to the monthly export
  • [EHO-295] - Provide Czech translation
Bug fixes
  • [EHO-278] - Restore of backup fails to restore project assignments
  • [EHO-290] - Restore of backup fails when users were deleted in the past
  • [EHO-288] - Logging out does not clear session completely
  • [EHO-285] - Save of timesheet fails when there are lots of projects and customers
  • [EHO-286] - Multiple assignments from the same project on the same user not shown in the timesheet
  • [EHO-287] - Reporting tab shows rates even though they are disabled in config
  • [EHO-289] - Project Code shown in Detailed Report
  • [EHO-291] - Chart in Detailed Report does not sum values for individual days
  • [EHO-292] - Fractions are not shown in the reporting charts
  • [EHO-281] - Pagination in the Audit report does not work
  • [EHO-296] - Automatic upgrade of the standalone dist using the installer fails to remove the previous version

eHour 1.0

15 June 2012: TE-CON is proud to present a new release of eHour, version 1.0 ! This new version has:

An improved standalone version

install4j kindly donated a license for their installer allowing eHour to use a "next-next-next" installer. On Windows, eHour is now automatically installed as a service and oh, there's 64-bit support as well.

An improved user interface

Previous versions of eHour used a fixed width of your browser, regardless of how much screen estate your browser owned. eHour 1.0 uses the full available width of your browser, replacing customer/project codes with their full names when space allows. Columns are re-sized to use the full width which gives a more clear and usable view, especially in the reports.

Internet Explorer support is improved, some glitches and layout issues with Internet Explorer 8 are fixed.

Many bug fixes and (minor) improvements

There are a lot of bugs squashed like users with the PM role who couldn't be edited, incorrect week number calculation, etc. The Italian translation has been revised.

All bugs that are resolved:

  • [EHO-10] - Print and excel icons are now properly positioned
  • [EHO-95] - When entering an invalid date into the calendar, the calendar didn't work anymore - even with valid input. Fixed
  • [EHO-98] - Marking a project as default did not add the project to existing employees. Fixed, it now applies to existing and new employees.
  • [EHO-121] - In the monthly overview page, long customer names were not displayed properly.
  • [EHO-138] - Project list background does not repeat when list is very long. Increased the background to fix it.
  • [EHO-162] - The list of customers in the admin screen is now sorted on customer code and then full name.
  • [EHO-163] - The sorting of projects in the weekly calendar is now case insensitive.
  • [EHO-173] - The selected currency is now used in the exports to excel, previously it was always a $
  • [EHO-223] - The "reset" button in the report now resets all criteria, including "only billable"
  • [EHO-224] - Deleting almost empty assignment causes error. This was due to empty timesheets with comments which were not deleted.
  • [EHO-232] - Hourly rate was visible in the reports, even when hide for user is enabled.
  • [EHO-233] - Multiple installations on same machine still shared the same log file.
  • [EHO-238] - Users who are PM of a project could not be updated and gave "unknown error".
  • [EHO-240] - Summary row on the Month Overview page crashed when you wanted to display the summary (that grey little line, opened with the arrow)
  • [EHO-241] - ProjectManagement reporting threw an error when there empty timesheets.
  • [EHO-243] - Week number calculation was wrong when the first day of the week was set to Sunday.
  • [EHO-244] - PM user can't change his password
    [EHO-247] - When using a datepicker to edit a date, the time portion (12:00 AM) is added to the date rendering it invalid as a date.

  • [EHO-251] - Can't update some users because the PM role was not removed properly.
  • [EHO-252] - eHour is now compatible with Java 7
  • [EHO-257] - Unable to remove a projectmanager from a project once it's set.
  • [EHO-258] - java.lang.NullPointerException
  • [EHO-259] - When entering a non-numeric value in the timesheet, no validation error appears but instead an exception is thrown.
  • [EHO-261] - Bad behavior with IE8.
  • [EHO-262] - Reporter role has access to all projects when exporting a month.
  • [EHO-263] - In the reporting section, when selecting a "quick week", 8 days were selected rather than 7.
  • [EHO-264] - Once edited TimesheetTextField are alway refreshed with blur event
  • [EHO-265] - Logging in after logging out failed the first time
  • [EHO-266] - In the PM section the layout is off when project name is too long.
  • [EHO-199] - In the timesheet the store button is at the top (and bottom) of week view
  • [EHO-226] - Fix Windows 64-bit standalone
  • [EHO-239] - Project sort on reporting page
  • [EHO-245] - Ask for the current password into the password change form
  • [EHO-272] - Show role behind project in the timesheet

eHour 0.9.1

2 May 2011: eHour 0.9.1 adds MySQL and PostgreSQL support to the standalone version, enabling the standalone version to run in a production environment. 

The concept of the eHour home directory is introduced. The home directory holds the log files and translations files are loaded from there. This allows you to improve or add translations in an easy fashion. 

From the web UI, eHour's database can now be imported/exported from/to an external file. This export can be used as a backup file or to migrate between servers. The export file is database independent so an export from the 0.8.4 standalone database can be imported in a MySQL or PostgreSQL database. The export requires at least Java 1.6.0_19. 

A number of improvements were done on the UI. When there are unsaved hours in a timesheet and the user navigates away, a warning message will be shown. The main navigation is also improved. 

The WAR download now supports MySQL and PostgreSQL from a single archive, there's no separate download for each database anymore.

The full list of JIRA issues ( that are resolved: 

New features

  • (EHO-159) Load translations from external files
  • (EHO-157) Update help texts in app and provide link backs to Wiki
  • (EHO-150) Add MySQL/PostgreSQL support to the standalone version
  • (EHO-200) Warning when navigating away from an unsaved timesheet
  • (EHO-294) Allow backup, restore and port with external file
Fixed bugs
  • (EHO-3) ehcache cache timeout too small
  • (EHO-67) Not compatible with MySQL 5.1 connector
  • (EHO-155) Excel export of current month doesn't fit on A4
  • (EHO-170) Locale.setDefault shouldn't be changed in EhourWebSession
  • (EHO-189) Remove references to swfobject.js
  • (EHO-164) Hours/Turnover in wrong column of XLS export of detailed report
  • (EHO-174) Printing throws Internal Error
  • (EHO-229) User can't log in) internal error, and can't change login names.
  • (EHO-186) The User password is overwritten when Administrator wants to edit an existing user.

Download eHour 0.9.1

eHour 0.8.4

16 September 2009: 0.8.4 supports PostgreSQL as the backend database and adds a billable marker to project. Layout issues with Firefox 3.5 and the Google Chrome browser were fixed and some additional user interface changes were done to the timesheet screen.

New features

  • (149) Add billable mark to projects
  • (142 )PostgreSQL support
Fixed bugs
  • (153) Projects with 0 hours booked appear in print sheet and generate a NullPointerException
  • (148) Chrome layout issues fixed
  • (147) Firefox 3.5 layout issues fixed
  • (154) Timesheet UI changes
  • (144) Inactive projects now shown in export month selection
  • (152) Logo can't be changed in demo mode

Download eHour 0.8.4

eHour 0.8.3

20 July 2009: 0.8.3 - the Revival release - adds an excel export of the current month with customizable logo, removes the limit of 24 hours on a single timesheet entry so you can use it for different purposes than just to track time and fixes a few bugs.
Most notable change is the change of license, eHour is now open source licensed under GPL v2. 

New features

  • (157) Excel export of current month added
  • (049) Users can now change their own password
  • (119) Filtering of inactive assignments to the admin screen
Fixed bugs
  • (162) Input in timesheets were limited to 24 hours, removed
  • (159) NullPointerException in addFlexAssignmentStatus fixed
  • (120) Internal Error while running Departmental Filter report fixed
  • (149) Hangs with socket write error fixed
  • (155) Delete button shown on Project admin screen while it can't be deleted, fixed
  • (161) When turnover is switched off, hours are placed in the wrong column in the overview, fixed
  • (153) eHour registration page sums inactive projects incorrectly, fixed
  • (154) Switching 'first day of week' messes up already booked hours, fixed
  • (148) Serialization errors in log file, fixed
  • (103) Adding a new default Project does not reflect for existing employees, fixed
  • (121) Javascript error in IE7 when adding rate to assignment, fixed

eHour 0.8.2

10 June 2008: 0.8.2 - the Oranje Boven release - fixes an issue with the project management role and some other minor issues. 

Fixed bugs:

  • (115) When assigning project management role to a user, the user's password gets overwritten
  • (114) Some comment fields were blank in detailed report
  • (111) Projects sorted in admin screens

eHour 0.8.1

14 May 2008: 0.8.1 fixes a problem with the list of projects on a timesheet, not all relevant projects were shown on a user's timesheet. This issue was introduced with version 0.8 and is now resolved. 

Fixed bugs

  • (110) Sums per day are displayed in the wrong column when first day of the week is not sunday
  • (109) Cannot edit timesheet for dates that don't already have hours
  • (108) Changing first day of week to Monday causes Internal Error

eHour 0.8

7 May 2008: 0.8 is now translated in French, Italian and Dutch. A partial German, Polish, Spanish and Portuguese translation is included. Thanks to all the contributors for helping out with the translations. 

Furthermore the first day of the week and the number of work hours in a day are configurable. Authenticated SMTP is now supported as well.

The full list of bugs fixed and features added:

  • (064) Change first day of the week to monday
  • (100) Capability to change number of work hours in a day
  • (095) authenticated smtp
  • (072) Inconsistent naming of user & employee
  • (105)Previous month query generates error
  • (102)Fixed hour constraint not enforced
  • (063) Can't delete hours
  • (065) Wrong week numbers
  • (098) Internal Error - after a long period of inactivity
  • (086) Entering ` as hours in timesheet results in Internal Error
  • (093) Clear button on report Page not working
  • (045) PM role not properly removed
  • (087) Reporting prints debug msg to standard out
  • (091) eHour requires internet connectivity

eHour 0.7.3

3 February 2008: eHour 0.7.3 fixes some incompatibility issues with Internet Explorer. The popup comments window now close properly with IE and exporting to Excel over HTTPS works again. 

The date picker on the report and admin pages is replaced by a new one. It doesn't look as fancy as the old one but the pages now load a whole lot faster.

Other things fixed is using your browser's back button - it resulted in an Internal Error on some pages - and for the Mac people; full Java 5 compatibility. Last but not least, the download package has been put on a strict diet resulting in a 25% decrease in download size. 

Bugs fixed

  • (082) Comments window working in IE6/IE7
  • (078) XLS Export works with IE6/IE7 over HTTPS
  • (036) Dojo date picker replaced due to slowing down page build
  • (081) Browser's back button fixed
  • (079) Detailed reports now working when eHour was upgraded
  • (077) eh/projectManagement/ProjectManagement gave a 500 error, fixed
  • (038) Improved security of password in the database

eHour 0.7.2

23 January 2008: New features
A new feature was added allowing a person to write a small comment for each entry in the timesheet describing for example what (s)he did in that period. Comments can be added by clicking on the pencil icon next to the input box for hours. When the icon is grey no comment was filled out and when the icon is yellow a comment already exists. 

A new type of report is added which shows all the hours booked on a day-to-day basis including the above mentioned comments. Also the layout of the report screen has been changed giving the actual reports more screen width. To access the new report log in as a user with the reporting role. A new dropdown is placed in the top right of the report criteria sreen. All existing filtering criteria can be applied to the detailed report.

Features added and bugs fixed

  • (056) A timesheet entry can be commented
  • (075) Detailed, day-to-day, reports added
  • (008) Fold icon in timesheet is now clickable
  • (073) Month overview layout properly aligned when turnover is hidden
  • (070) Report filter criteria can now be reseted to its initial state
  • (067) The print icon in the timesheet overview now uses the selected month
  • (004) Infinite date selection fixed in the assignment admin
  • (062) First name of a user is not required anymore
  • (026) The date format now uses the selected locale
  • (074) Logging is configurable
  • (037) Input validation fixed in the admin pages
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